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Look Better · Feel Better · Be Better

Step One: Choose Your Program

You want to be lean + strong but life keeps getting in the way

You need a personal training gym that will help you build a fitness habit


Super Charge Your Motivation to Work Out


Develop a Fitness Habit for Your Life


Get Results Without Sacrificing Tons of Your Precious Time

Step One: Choose Your Program

The benefits of developing a fitness habit are many. It doesn’t just change your life for the better, it changes YOU for the better

Look Better

Picture feeling so confident YOU CANNOT WAIT to show off your body

+ Lose weight

+ Tone your muscles

+ Fit into your skinny clothes

"I Lost 62 Pounds in about 4 Weeks" -Jason Schutzer
"I Lost 62 Pounds in about 4 Weeks" -Jason Schutzer

Feel Better

Imagine having all the energy you need to do everything that you want to do

+ Reclaim your energy

+ Get Your Confidence Back

+ Get strong (in every way!)

"My body is at a level that I didn’t think was possible." -Barry Sloane
"My body is at a level that I didn’t think was possible." -Barry Sloane

Be Better

Imagine finally having control over the way you look and feel

+ Stick with your program, easily

+ Super-charge your motivation

+ Develop a Fitness Habit that will Last a Lifetime

"I Lost 37 Pounds" -Alexis Schutzer
"I Lost 37 Pounds" -Alexis Schutzer

You could wait for just the right time to get started, or you can get started today and look, feel and be better tomorrow


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Choose Your Program

Download our Personal Training Programs Price Sheet and choose the right one for you

Step One: Choose Your Program

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Your First Session is the most important session that you'll have at The Fix Gym. This is the session you will decide if we are the personal training gym for YOU



Get Lean + Strong

Love your workouts, enjoy your nutrition program and watch your body get leaner and stronger everyday 

"I leave the workout feeling so satisfied and happy that I devoted time to making myself healthy."

-Amanda Marshall


“Not only am I in better physical shape than I was before, I am much healthier."

-Nick Wechsler