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With our "Results First" pricing, no long-term contract and guaranteed results, there is absolutely no risk. What are you waiting for? Let's get started.

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Welcome to The Fix Gym. We do things a little different here...

We do things a little bit differently than some of the other gyms that you might have done business with.

For starters, you won’t pay a dime for training until you see some major results. That’s right you can walk into our gym today and get started with paying anything for your training.

Not only that, but we only charge for results. If you haven’t seen the change in your body that you were expecting, we’re not going to charge you for the training.

We also guarantee our training for the life of your program, not just the 30-day’s that the other guys promise, if they offer a guarantee at all.

Our nutrition program is a little crazy. Instead of taking out all of the foods that you love to eat, we’re all about figuring out how much of those foods you can eat and still hit your goal. We’re really big into the whole balance thing.

This is a holistic program. That means that instead of just training you for a few hours a week and letting you go it alone from there, I will show you how to navigate this world full of fast food and still get to your goal.

And I am always available to help whenever you need help. Not sure what to order in a restaurant? Shoot me a text and I will steer you in the right direction.

Staring down a peice of chocolate cake? Call me and I will talk you off of that ledge.

You're not alone on this journey. When you train with The Fix Gym you have an advocate on your side every step of the way.

Thanks for stopping by. When you're ready to get started, just click the get started button at the top of this screen or give me a call.

You can reach me at the gym direct at (800) 428-3496.

Let's get stated. I'll look forward to seeing you at The Fix Gym.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed.

If you're nothappy with your results, we don't deserve your money.

Put us to the test, I'm pretty sure we'll pass.

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Get a Program Designed Around You.

Because that's really who it's all about.

Your program isn't just designed for you, it's designed around you.

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We Are a Results First Gym.

You won't pay a dime for training, until you see the results.

Paying for training BEFORE you see the results just doesn't make sense.

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We Don't Do Long Term Contracts.

As a matter a fact, we hate long term contacts.

Shoudn't you stay with your gym because you love the results, and not because you're locked into a contract?

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The Fix Gym Success Stories

  • Gabriel Mann Star of the hit ABC show "Revenge"

    The Fix Gym is the best gym in Los Angeles, and there's a lot of fitness out here.

    "I started training at Fix Gym to prepare for the the second season of "Revenge". By the time shooting started, I had added a ton of muscle to my frame and I was ripped. I can honestly say that The Fix Gym is the best gym in LA."

  • Barry Sloane Star of the hit ABC show "Revenge"

    I would recommend The Fix Gym to anyone!

    "As an actor looking good is just part of the job and I work on a show that requires me to be in top shape. Training with The Fix Gym has taken my body to a level that I didn’t think was possible. The workout session is always changing and adapting to keep you on your toes, which is great. The gym itself is amazing, private and feels like a friends house, complete with refreshments and a individually designed playlist of music! I would recommend The Fix Gym to anyone"

  • Jason Schutzer Los Angeles

    I Lost 62 Pounds!

    "I had to buy all new clothes! My self-esteem and my energy levels are a lot higher."

    Jason's Success Story Video
  • Alexis Schutzer Los Angeles

    "I lost 37 lbs. I went from 28% body fat to 14%! Brian really makes you want to go to the gym and that's really great".

    Jason's Success Story Video
  • Mike Arnone Venice Beach

    "So far, I have lost about 37 lbs. and bout 3-4 pant sizes! At 45, I literally got my 28-year-old body back! Sweet!"

    Jason's Success Story Video
  • Mike Brunt Venice Beach

    It actually turned out to be incredibly fun. My body feels great all over, I recommend it to anyone."

    Jason's Success Story Video
  • Patrick Marston Los Angeles

    "Before I started, I weight about 185 lbs. and now I weigh 170! They keep me interested that keeps me involved. I really need that!"

    Jason's Success Story Video
  • Amanda Marshall Los Angeles

    "I lost 8 pounds of body fat!
    I absolutely love The Fix and especially my trainer. Brian gets me so motivated. I don't think I have ever sweat harder than in his sessions. I leave the workout feeling so satisfied and happy that I devoted time to making myself healthy. I even don't mind the muscle soreness the next day."

  • Sarah Luna Los Angeles

    "So far, I have lost about 7 pounds!
    After I first started The Fix, I remember feeling this amazing sense of taking my life under control. Definitely I'm way more fit, I'm stronger and my cardiovascular fitness is at an amazing level right now."

  • Stacy Trujeque Los Angeles

    "I was able to drop the last and hardest 8 pounds!
    Brian is really great, full of concern and passion for his clients. I really really appreciate that. The Fix is definitely a welcoming place to not only beautify and strengthen my body, but to make friends and up my level of energy. Thanks for your patience and hard work. I definitely love the sculpt of my new body!"

  • Stefanie Trujeque Los Angeles

    "I have lost about 5 pounds!
    Before I started, I thought I was doing ok, but I realized, I did not have much energy - but now I feel revolutionized and energized. It's always new, it's always different and feels so refreshing and I definitely feel stronger."

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We want to be more than just a place where you have a membership. We feel strongly about fitness and what it can do in your life and we want to help you get the most out of your time with us.

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Just dial (800) HAVE GYM.

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Your Results are Guaranteed

We're the only gym in Los Angeles that not only guarantees your results, but guarantees them for the life of your program. The way we see it, if we're not delivering on our promise of getting you to your goal we don't deserve your money. Anyttime you're not happy with the program or your results, you won't pay for the training. That's how much we believe in what we do at The Fix Gym.


You get a program designed around you.

You are an individual and your program has to be customized to that individuality. What works for one of our clients, doesn't necessarily work for all them. Each program that we design is as individual as the client that we design it for. AND we don't stop working on your program once we've designed it. That's just the beginning. Every week we will evaluate your progress using our exclusive 21-Point Fix Gym Evaluation. With that information we determine if your program is working and if it's not, we use the information that the evaluation gives us to fix it. We make adjustments based on how your body reacts to the program to ensure that you reach your goals QUICKLY.


We believe that your results should come first.

Why would we ever ask for payment upfront on something that we have yet to deliver. It doesn't make sense to us, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't make sense to you either. That's why you won't pay The Fix Gym a dime for the training until you see the results. The way we see it, if we're good at what we do people will WANT to pay for our services, and that's the way we run our business.


Shoudn't you stay with your gym because you love the results, and not because you're locked into a contract?

Most gyms will lock you into an annual contract before you've even worked out. They don't care about your results. They don't even care if you show up or not, as long as you keep paying. Add up all the extra fees that you would pay for the services that we include with our training and you'll see the difference. We don't lock you into anything. We only want you to stay for as long as you are a fan. I wish my cell phone company felt this way.

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