Success Stories

“The Fix Gym is the best gym in Los Angeles, and there's a lot of fitness out here.”

-Gabriel Mann


Alexis Lost 37 Pounds

"I went from 28% to 14% body fat!” -Alexis Schutzer

"From the day that I started until about 4 months later I lost 37 lbs. I went from 28% body fat to 14%! Tiger really makes you want to go to the gym and that's really great."

"I Lost 37 Pounds" -Alexis Schutzer

Al Lost 55 Pounds

“I weigh what I weighed in high school!” -Al LeBrun

My blood pressure and cholesterol numbers weren’t good.  I knew I needed to lose weight but I wasn’t interested in dieting.

And then a miracle: my wife found me a trainer/nutrition coach who believed I could adopt a healthy lifestyle and not give up ice cream!

The encouragement I get from Tiger has helped keep me motivated and focused on my goals. 

In seven months I’ve lost 55 pounds. I can’t believe how great I feel. I weigh what I weighed in high school! I’ve had to buy all new clothes.

Al Lost 55-Pounds

“The Fix Gym has gotten me into the best shape of my life.”

-Nick Wechsler


“As someone constantly trying to adopt different perspectives, The Fix has become an invaluable asset to my life. With Tiger's help, I feel in complete control of my body and its limits. But it goes beyond the physical; being able to watch your goals manifest in real time gives a peace of mind I wouldn't trade for the world.”

-Personal Training Client Connor Paolo

Personal Training Client Connor Paolo

Jason Lost 62 Pounds

"I had to buy all new clothes!"

"I lost 62 pounds in about 4 months. My self esteem is higher, my energy level is a lot higher. I just really feel good about myself. I had to buy a lot of new clothes" -Personal Training Client Jason Schutzer

Jason Lost 67-Pounds

"I lost 5 pounds!"

-Stefanie Trujeque

Before I started, I thought I was doing ok, but I realized, I did not have much energy - but now I feel revolutionized and energized. It's always new, it's always different and feels so refreshing and I definitely feel stronger."


Amanda Lost 8 Pounds

"I absolutely love The Fix and especially my trainer. Tiger gets me so motivated. I don't think I have ever sweat harder than in his sessions. I leave the workout feeling so satisfied and happy that I devoted time to making myself healthy. I even don't mind the muscle soreness the next day." -Amanda Marshall


“The Fix Gym has taken my body to a level that I didn’t think was possible.”

-Personal Training Client Barry Sloane

personal training client Barry Sloane

"I lost 7 pounds!"

-Sarah Luna

"After I first started, I remember feeling this amazing sense of taking my life under control. Definitely I'm way more fit, I'm stronger and my cardiovascular fitness is at an amazing level right now."

personal training client sarah before and after

""I was able to drop the last and hardest 8 pounds!"

-Stacy Trujeque

Tiger is really great, full of concern and passion for his clients.  The Fix is definitely a welcoming place to not only beautify and strengthen my body, but to make friends and up my level of energy.  I definitely love the sculpt of my new body!"