​Who Else is Ready to Get in the Best Shape of Their Lives?


​The Fix Gym is ​Open for Online Training.

​As the world works together to control the spread of the novel virus COVID-19, The Fix ​has moved all of our services online. What that means is that you can still get in the best shape of your life from wherever you are. ​


​​You ​shouldn't have to struggle to get fit.

​If you've ever tried to get in shape before, you know ​that it can feel like a struggle;

  • ​Finding time in your busy schedule to work on yourself is challenging.
  • ​​Giving up your favorite things to eat and drink feels like punishment.
  • Suffering through another grueling workout is just too hard to face. 

​What would your life look like if you loved ​working on ​fitness?

​Let me ask you a question; do you have to force yourself to do the things that you love to do? 

Of course not. You can do things you love to do all day long.

So, ​doesn't it stand to reason that if you fall in love with working on your fitness you'll ​actually work on it? 

You bet it does.

That's your fix. 

You're going to fall in love with more than just working on your fitness​; 

  • ​Visualize yourself getting ​​leaner, stronger and healthier everyday.
  •  Picture doing it easier than you ever thought possible. 
  • Imagine living the rest of your life in the best shape of your life.


People just like you. 

​People that want to ​transform their bodies, like Jason...

Jason came to The Fix to get in shape for his 30th birthday. By the time he blew the candles out on his cake he lost 67 pounds of fat and gained 15 pounds of muscle. That was more than 10 years ago, and Jason is still working out at The Fix with a new goal of staying in the best shape of his life into his 40s and beyond. 

​“My self esteem is a lot higher​”​

JASON SCHUTZER  //  Owner, Disorderly Kids

People that want to lose weight, like Alexis...

​Alexis came to The Fix after she saw the incredible results that her husband Jason was getting. While raising 3 growing kids she managed to carve out the time to lose 37 pounds and get her body back. 

“I went from 28% to 14% body fat!”

​ALEXIS SCHUTZER  //  ​Home Engineer

​People that want to get strong, like Henry....

“Instead of just building muscle, I've built a strength that goes beyond looks.”

​​Henry Czerny  //  ​Actor

​People that want to get healthy, like Al...

​Before he came to The Fix Gym, Al was afraid that his best years were behind him. ​After working with us, Al lost 55 pounds of fat and added 10 pound of muscle at age 59. The best, however, was that Al lowered his blood pressure and cholesterol ​down to levels that no longer required medication. 

“I​ weigh what I weighed in High School!”

​Al LeBrun  // ​Professional


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