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I started The Fix Gym because I wanted my work to be meaningful.

I wanted to make a good living, of course and I spend a lot of time at work so I wanted my work to be fun, but more important than that I wanted my work to make a difference in people’s lives.

What I didn’t expect when I started my business was that helping people would change my life in such a dramatic way. In my efforts to make the lives of my clients better, my life got better.

Our clients are like family. We train hard together, we share the burden when the going gets tough and we celebrate together when they have a breakthrough. Their success is our success.

There is a beautiful synergy to the work and for the last 12 years we’ve grown into a thriving business.

We’re still growing. That’s why I am looking for someone just like you to join our family.

If you are looking for a job that you can make a good living with and that is fun, I’m sure that you can find it in many different industries.

But if you want a job that transforms lives, a job that will transform your own life, then The Fix Gym might just be for you.

Check out the requirements and the FAQ’s below to learn more.

I’ll look forward to seeing you at The Fix.


First, you don’t have to be a personal trainer to apply for this job. I will train you to become one of the best in the industry.

What I’m looking for in you are the things that I cannot train.

You must have a genuine desire to help your fellow man. That is all that we do at The Fix, we help. You’re going to have to really be into helping it if you want to work here.

More than that you must bring a high level of positive energy. Transformation is a tough. Our clients need lots of encouragement, and positive reinforcement and patience while they work on themselves.

Finally, you need to bring yourself. At The Fix we’re not just changing the lives of our clients, we’re changing the our own lives. What are you working on in yourself that we can help with?

As part of our team personal training is one of your perks. Not only will you be working on becoming one of the best trainers in the industry you will be working on your own fitness goals.

If you truly love to help, if you want to make the world a better place and if you want to become a better version of yourself in the process, that is all that is required to join our team.


What’s the lowdown?

I am looking for a few good people to train my growing family of clients.

The position is part time, with flexible hours and great perks, like your own personal trainer.

Every trainer starts as a trainer’s assistant while you learn the ropes. That process last a minimum of 30 days and up to 90 days, depending.

We have 2 locations and you may be asked to work in both, but never in the same day.

Do I need to be a personal trainer to apply?

No. Once you come on board, I will train to be one of the best trainers in the fitness industry.

I’m looking for people that bring a high level of positive energy and a genuine desire to help their fellow man.

How much does it pay?

That’s a valid question. Trainer’s assistants make minimum wage. Once you graduate to full trainer pay starts at $25 an hour and goes up from there.

What are the hours like?

Flexible. Three to four hour blocks in the morning, afternoon and the evening. You will not be required to work a split shift, a morning and an evening shift, unless you request it.

Will I have to make sales?

You will not be required to find your own clients. You will not be required to sell training, or supplements, or anything. You will not have to work “floor hours” (hunting the gym for people to sell training too).

There is no selling in this position. You will make a full trainer’s wage once you graduate from assistant. You will not be required to train a minimum of sessions to earn full pay.

You will have access to your own personal trainer and The Fix Gym nutrition program for free as part of your employment. You will not be asked to train a split shift.

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