Free Cookbook for Weight Loss — Delicious, Satisfying, Fast and Easy

When I started my weight loss journey I was terrified...

My previous attempts at losing weight had been painful. So painful that it scared me away from even attempting to lose weight again for years.

When I finally had enough of feeling unhappy with my body (and myself), the only way I could remotely consider another weight loss program was if I changed everything.

I realized that the only way I could stay on a diet was if it was delicious, satisfying fast and easy.

I approached my diet with a new attitude. Instead of eating clean, I decided to try to fit as much of the good stuff into my diet as I could.

I scoured the internet for recipes that would help me lose weight but were still delicious.

I knew that hunger was the #1 enemy of any weight loss program, so every single meal had to be satisfying. If it left me hungry, I left it behind.

The only things I wanted in my diet were foods that made it seem like I wasn’t on a diet.

Things Changed When I Found the Right Recipes

When I started my search, I thought it would be hard to find meals like that. What surprised me, was how many recipes I found that covered my demands.

There were 100's and I tried most of them.

Once I rejected the recipes that were too complicated or took too long to prepare (or both) I had a pretty good pile of choices that I could pull from.

From that moment on, losing weight stopped being painful. It became, dare I say, enjoyable.

I have collected those recipes into a cookbook; Delicious, Satisfying, Fast and Easy. You can download it free here:

Free Cookbook

69 Recipes that are Delicious, Satisfying, Fast, and Easy

These are the EXACT recipes I used to lose 49 pounds of body fat and gain 23 pounds of muscle — without the sacrifice!

Tiger's Cookbook

Delicious, Satisfying, Fast, and Easy

The recipes in this cookbook have helped me to lose 23 pounds of fat (and counting).

While the results are making me very happy, the best part of these recipes is that they don’t feel like a diet at all. It just feels like normal living.

Life is just too short not to enjoy what you eat!

Every single recipe in Delicious, Satisfying, Fast and Easy lives up to the title.

Life is just too short not to enjoy what you eat!

If you're struggling with your weight loss journey, download Delicious, Satisfying, Fast and Easy.
It might just change your life.

P.S. If you know someone that’s struggling, share this with them. You could change their life too.

Tiger Ford

About the author

Tiger Ford is a Master Personal Trainer and nutrition coach with over 10,000 hours of experience helping people just like you develop a fitness habit to stay lean and strong for life.

For a one-on-one consultation with Tiger please call 800-428-3496.

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