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"The Main Challenge That I Have is... Myself." 
-Martin Kruger

Martin Kruger was referred to The Fix Gym by his wife, Michelle (who you might already know). I could tell you about the first time that he came into The Fix Gym, but Martin has been generous enough to let me document his journey and I have it on video. 

You can watch that video above, or read our entire interview below, and meet Martin as he takes the very first step on his fitness journey. 


TIGER: Let's start by introducing you to the folks at home. What is your name, how old are you, and what city do you live in?

MARTIN: My name is Martin Kruger. I am 43 years old. And I live in Marina Del Rey, California.

TIGER: Perfect. You're at the beginning of your fitness journey. What is your goal right now? 

MARTIN: Right now my goal is to become stronger.

TIGER: I love that. Why is the goal to become stronger important to you right now?

MARTIN: I'm getting older.

And as I'm getting older, I see that it's taking longer for my body to recover from exercises.

I want to make sure that I have that strength in order to remain healthy and prevent injury. 

TIGER: I love that goal. That's so fantastic.

TIGER: What are the major challenges that are keeping you from achieving that goal now? 

MARTIN: The main challenge that I have is, um, myself.

I find that I will choose complacency over getting into the habit of what I need to do in order to achieve my goal of becoming stronger.

And also, one of the other reasons I struggle with this goal is because I have been focusing more on cardio and not as much on building strength throughout my body.

TIGER: How did you find The Fix Gym?

MARTIN: Through my wife, Michelle Lewis. Well, now she's Michelle Kruger. We recently got married. 

I've seen the success that Tiger has brought into our home through her and just the passion that she has now towards the habit that she is in of working out consistently.

And now I want to also be a part of that.

TIGER: What made you decide to train with the Fix Gym as opposed to any other trainer out there?

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MARTIN: The reason why I chose the Fix Gym, besides my wife and the success that she has had, the other trainers I've tried in the past were very intense. I'm a beginner in this.

TIGER: Do you have any fears about starting this journey?

MARTIN: I would say the fear is not repeating past failures, sticking to it.

You know, when I've tried it on my own, it's failed. I'll be consistent for a little bit and then I will stop.

So my biggest fear is just given into that

TIGER: I'm not going to let that happen, by the way. 

MARTIN: Great. Yeah, great.

TIGER: Anything else we should know about you before... because what's great about this tape is this is before your very first session.

MARTIN: Yeah. This is like, the ultimate before picture, right?

TIGER: Yeah. You're going to look back on this tape and you're going to have documentation of what your life was like before all this happened.

MARTIN: You know, when I finally kick the bucket I I want to be able to look back and be proud of myself for sticking to what I committed to.

Also, I want to be able to show others, including myself, that even though you have had previous injuries, um, current injuries, possibly right now, that you have a trainer that is able to work around that.

And that you don't have to utilize those injuries or your age as a block technique in order to not be able to pursue what your goals are.

TIGER: That's awesome. 

About the author

Tiger Ford is a Master Personal Trainer and nutrition coach with over 10,000 hours of experience helping people just like you develop a fitness habit to stay lean and strong for life.

For a one-on-one consultation with Tiger please call 800-428-3496.

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