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"The work I'm putting in is actually working." 
-Martin Kruger

Martin Kruger has been generous enough to let me document his fitness journey to give you folks at home an inside look into the ups and downs of a weight loss program as it happens. 

You can watch that video above, or read our entire interview below, and join Martin as he takes the next step on his fitness journey. 


TIGER: Alright, so this is interview number two. We missed last week. So, this is the third week of your program. Tell me how you're feeling.

MARTIN: Well, after the third week of this program I'm feeling great. Waking up every morning with the workout pains that I have is a great feeling. It's knowing that what I'm putting in the work is actually working.

And just taking some of the lessons that I learned here, for instance, before we start we do the rolling out, continuing to do that at home is helping me get over some of the workout pains that I'm feeling.

But I want to be clear that those pains are good pains and it shows that this program is obviously working.

TIGER:  In what way has this program been exactly what you expected it to be?

MARTIN: Yeah, so I would say the way this program has been what I expected it to be is listening.

Tiger listens if I'm having any certain kind of pain, and he adjusts the workout. 

For instance, if I had a headache one of the days and instead of pushing me hard through a workout, he said "Well, let's do a stretch instead", which turned out to help alleviate my pain because we focused on where some of my pain was and did some stretches around the neck utilizing some of his tools here.

TIGER: In what ways has this program been unexpected? 

MARTIN: The camaraderie. For instance, if I'm working out with another individual we support each other in a positive way.

Also the little things, like the music. Tiger will play music that I like in order to make the experience more enjoyable for me. And I think it's these little things that I wasn't expecting that have been quite awesome.

TIGER: What are you enjoying about the program the most? You've already touched on some of this but let's expand on that a little bit. What are you really digging about the program?

MARTIN: What I'm really enjoying about the program the most is the fact that, you know, I am committing to something and sticking to it.

I really love the way that Tiger just makes you feel welcome within this space

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Which can be intimidating, especially with age, injuries, or whatever is going on in your personal life.

I have to say that this experience has just allowed me to be more passionate about it.

Also, I like sharing that I'm doing this journey because it is a journey and it's one that's not going to stop. I appreciate the feelings that I'm getting out of that.

TIGER: What are some things that you've run into since we started this program that you might not like so much? 

MARTIN:  I mean, you know, there are going to be some instances where some of these exercises are tough and sometimes that can be frustrating.

The communication with Tiger matters. If it's looking like you're straining or something like that, he will tell you not to be afraid to drop down on weight.

As a matter of fact, he usually has weights there ready for you if that needs to be.

Overall, this has been a very positive experience. There's very little negative that I honestly can point out.

TIGER: Let's keep it that way.

MARTIN: Yeah, I agree.

TIGER:  We've weighed in three times so far and your body fat went up just a little over this last scan. How does that make you feel?

MARTIN: You know, the fact that scanning is something that is even offered here is awesome. Tracking helps you see your results and the work that you're putting in both in here and then out of here, in the kitchen, you know?

So it doesn't depress me, and it doesn't dishearten me in my journey with this. Because I know there are going to be up and down weeks.

Because that's what happens in life. You have up and down days. So, I understand that there will be weeks when I'm gaining. There will be weeks when I'm losing. But the point of the matter is you're tracking it. And by tracking it, you're able to adjust what needs to be happening outside of the workouts that you're doing here.

TIGER: That's great. What are you looking forward to in the coming weeks as far as this program is concerned?

MARTIN: The things that I'm looking for in the coming weeks is just consistently getting stronger and just consistently seeing that progression

TIGER: All right. That's all the questions I have, Martin. Do you have anything else to add?

MARTIN: I will say that I love how Tiger just constantly encourages you, um, as an individual in order to continue just to want to come back.

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Tiger Ford is a Master Personal Trainer and nutrition coach with over 10,000 hours of experience helping people just like you develop a fitness habit to stay lean and strong for life.

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