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"I Just Don't Like Working Out" 
-Michelle Lewis

When I first met Michelle, I knew that she was going to be a great fit for The Fix Gym. She was really ready to make some lasting changes to her life, including learning to love exercise.

I felt like her story was very similar to the story of many of the clients that have walked through the doors of The Fix Gym and so I asked Michelle to share her journey with you folks at home.

What follows is the first of many conversations about why it's so important to have a fitness routine and the challenges that we face when we try to make positive changes in our lives.


TIGER: Alright. I'm gonna ask you a series very easy questions. Are you ready?


TIGER: All right. Why don't we start by introducing you to the folks at home. What's your name, where do you live and how old are you?

MICHELLE: My name is Michelle, I live in Marina del Rey, and I'm 38.

TIGER: What was your goal when your fitness journey first began? 

MICHELLE: My goal when I first got started on my fitness journey was to get stronger.

TIGER: What was the major challenge that was keeping you from accomplishing your goal?

MICHELLE: The major challenge that was keeping me from accomplishing my goal was motivation...or lack thereof.

I think it's twofold:

One, I tend to get in my way sometimes and I will not do things that I know are good for me, even though I should do them. So that's, that's one mental hurdle to overcome.

And then the other thing is just, I don't like working out. I just don't like it.

TIGER: How did you find The Fix Gym? 

MICHELLE: I found The Fix Gym by Googling "gyms near me". I came across several gyms that I reached out to and tried to interact with.

But once I came to The Fix Gym  the first thing that I noticed that was different was that they didn't ask me to provide goal pictures of what I wanted to look like. And so for me, that was really big because it was more about the mental capacity of it than the physical capacity of it.

TIGER: What was it about the Fix Gym that made you want to train with us, as opposed to any other fitness program out there?

MICHELLE:  Once I got here and I met Tiger, and we had a conversation for roughly an hour the first time I met him and I just spilled everything out to him and told him all of my struggles and everything that I was facing.

And, you know, he made me feel like this was a safe place for me to work through those things that I was struggling with.

And I felt like this was going to be a better fit than someone who was just trying to reach a goal for more physically based as opposed to the mental side of things.

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TIGER: What has your experience of the program been like?

MICHELLE: At first I was hesitant mostly because I felt like it was going to be hard and that I couldn't do it. I think that what was going through my mind was, "I can't do this, I'm not capable of doing this".

But then I came and it felt like, okay, wait, I don't have to push myself to the extreme. I don't have to go super hard into it. I can do what I'm capable of at this point in my wellness and fitness journey.

And so that kept me coming back; the fact that I didn't feel the pressure of having to perform in a certain way that I could just show up.

TIGER: What do you love about The Fix Gym program?

MICHELLE: I love, um, I mean, if I'm being honest, for one, it's perfectly located for me because it's only a mile and a half from my house. So that's positive, but I think the difference here is the people. Obviously Tiger is amazing.


MICHELLE: The difference is really that I feel as if I'm safe here and that no one's judging me and that I'm going to be able to accomplish my goals.

It's just going to be something that takes a little time and I understand that and I'm happy that I have people that are holding me accountable to those things.

TIGER: What parts of the program could use some improvement? What would you change about it?

MICHELLE: What would I change? Oh, okay. Um, I think what would be cool is if all the clients got together like once a month and did a training session together or some kind of like group outdoor maybe hike or some kind of activity. That way you can connect people with other people who are also going on the same journey.

Um, but maybe at different stages so that we could potentially help each other a little bit. Um, you know, and just form a little bit of a community around that.

TIGER: I love that. What have you accomplished at The Fix?

MICHELLE: First of all, exercising. Just getting some exercise in my life.

Second, actually making it a lifestyle choice as opposed to something that I'm doing for this goal in the future that I need to be prepared for.

I just didn't know if that was something that I could actually achieve but I do feel that I have achieved this because even though sometimes I come in and I'm not super thrilled to be working out I always feel better after.

TIGER: Would you recommend this program to somebody that's just getting started on their fitness journey?

MICHELLE: Absolutely. Yes. Because I think that Tiger and his team will set you up for success wherever you are. They meet you where you are in your journey and then they scale that up. And so it doesn't feel like you're doing anything that's out of your depth.

So, for instance, when I first started doing weights, which was really out of my depth, I started very light.

I think it was like fives and maybe eights. And now I'm doing like tens, twelves, and fifteens, which is kind of crazy. And I never thought that would be something that I could really do. So, yeah, I think that's what sets them apart.

It's just... And you're having that gradual progression and meeting someone where they are really makes them want to come back and feel, feel safe to be able to continue on their journey.

About the author

Tiger Ford is a Master Personal Trainer and nutrition coach with over 10,000 hours of experience helping people just like you develop a fitness habit to stay lean and strong for life.

For a one-on-one consultation with Tiger please call 800-428-3496.

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