August 9



"I Think at Different Times You Need Different Things." 
-Michelle Kruger

When I sat down to chat with Michelle this week, I knew it was going to be an interesting conversation. 

Whenever we're talking about motivation, and the role motivation plays in sticking with your program, it's bound to be insightful.

In this episode, Michelle opens up about the challenges of motivating oneself, and the importance of a flexible program. 


TIGER: So, you're a hybrid client, which means you train in the gym once a week and you train online a couple times a week.

How is the hybrid program working for you?

MICHELLE: I really thought at first that I wouldn't be able to do stuff on my own. Even through an online trainer was live and coaching me through the workout. I didn't think that that was something that I would be able to accomplish on my own.

But surprisingly, I actually have enjoyed doing the On-Demand workouts which is another offering at The Fix Gym.

And that's really helped because sometimes I might want to do it at a different time than what's available. So I can do the On-Demand session anytime that I want, which has been... really, really helpful.

And I don't feel like I'm losing my motivation whenever I have days where I can't make an online session, but I can do an On-Demand session.

TIGER: What's going well with the program?

MICHELLE: The mix of the online, the On-Demand, and the In-Person sessions.

I think that at different times, you need different things. And so to have options available to you that make sense and can fit into your life makes you feel like you can accomplish something.

I think that's been the biggest takeaway for me.

TIGER: What challenges did you run into in this last week?

MICHELLE: I wanted to do some of the On-Demand sessions and the challenge was me actually doing it because I didn't have someone there to hold me accountable to doing it.

So I've learned that through this experience of doing this program for four months, doing In-Person, doing Online Training and now having the On-Demand, that this habit has been established within me.

For two days this week I did have a challenge actually finding a little motivation to get it done. But after two days, I realized I wasn't feeling the same as I normally feel whenever I'm working out three times a week.

So that's what actually helped me get over that roadblock and that hump was understanding; Wow, this makes me feel better.

TIGER: Did it help that I reached out to check in on you?

MICHELLE: It was really helpful that you reached out.

You would reach out to me afterwards to say, "Hey, how was the workout?"

That's what made this a lot more achievable for me because I was a little hesitant to transition from In-Person to Online Personal Training and then to On-Demand.

TIGER: How do you get set up for the On-Demand?

MICHELLE: I luckily have a gym in my apartment, and so I go downstairs with my iPad. We have WiFi down there. I just set up my iPad and I start it. I usually like to also bring my phone so that I can play music.

I like it because when you're in person, it feels the exact same. It feels like somebody is working out with you that's pretty cool.

TIGER: Let's talk about the body scans. How have your results been?

MICHELLE: At first I was a little hesitant towards it because one of the reasons that I chose The Fix Gym was because I was trying to establish exercise in my life as a habit versus something that was measured, you know, metrically.

And so, I was concerned a little bit that this would be focused on that, but in actuality, the scanner was very informative.

For me, it was more about being informed or my eyes being opened up.

I felt like, wow,  I can actually just have a better understanding of what my makeup is and how that operates and feeds into what I do activity wise and how I'm eating.

I guess open myself up a little bit to learning more of the science stuff. Now I love it.

TIGER: That's pretty much it. Unless you have any other thoughts. 

MICHELLE: No, I don't think so. I think you covered it actually, to be honest.

About the author

Tiger Ford is a Master Personal Trainer and nutrition coach with over 10,000 hours of experience helping people just like you develop a fitness habit to stay lean and strong for life.

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