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"If it's past noon, there's a high chance that I probably will not find the motivation to work out." 
-Michelle Kruger

When I sat down with Michelle this week, she told me about her struggles to find the time to work out while she prepares for her pending nuptials, dealing with the pain that keeps her from working out, and her secrets for over coming the challenges that can thwart a fitness program. 


TIGER: How's your fitness program going?

MICHELLE: My fitness program is going great.  I'm actually leaning a lot more on the on-demand training because my schedule has been kind of all over the place lately.

And so I've been working out around 11 a.m. sometimes at noon. The other day I worked out at 2 p.m. because that was just when I could get to it.

So the on-demand sessions have been really amazing for me because I can pick one that's "easy".

So the other day I was feeling kind of like, I didn't really want to work out, but I really needed to work out.

Tiger had said something to me a week prior about just showing up and doing the exercise is the win. You don't have to really do, like, the most challenging or advanced exercise. You could pick the easiest one, and that way you breeze through it. And then, you feel more accomplished by the end of it.

And that's exactly how I felt.  Instead of doing my full 12-pound weights, like for rows, I did 6-pound weights. 

And it felt like I was not really even working out, but it definitely, after doing many repeats, I got tired. So I still exhausted the muscles, I still accomplished the task that I wanted to accomplish, but I didn't feel like it was as much of a challenge, which made it easier for me mentally to get through.

TIGER: What challenges did you run into with your fitness program this last week?

MICHELLE: Mostly finding the time to work out.

I have a lot of things coming up. I'm getting married in about a week and a half. Normally I would do my workouts in the morning, but I've had a lot of things that have taken precedence over those. And so I've had to find the time to slot in working out. And for me... I'm the type of person that if I don't work out in the morning, there's a high chance that I probably will not find the motivation to work out if it's past 12 o'clock.

I know this about myself, so I will make sure that I'm conscientious of that.

So that was the challenge for me was just kind of overcoming those limited thoughts and understanding that you don't have to do the hardest workout.

You can do an easier workout and still accomplish the thing that you're trying to accomplish.

TIGER: That's fantastic. Well put. What on-demand workouts did you do this week?

MICHELLE: The on-demand workouts I did this week were Combo Crush and Dichotomy.

TIGER: And how were those?

MICHELLE: They were great.  I did an intermediate one to start the week off, just to give myself a little bit of a challenge. And then I did Combo Crush, which was an easier workout.

I did that one with lighter weights to accommodate the fact that I just really didn't feel like working out that day.

TIGER: Nice. That's perfect. You scanned in today. How, how were your results?

MICHELLE: They were great. I was really pleased with the results. I've lost, um, a few inches around my waist, around the narrowest part of my waist, and the lower ab.

I've also lost a little bit in my hip circumference and then the other thing is that I've also gained muscle.

I've noticed, aside from the scan, obviously, in the mirror, I can see my muscles more clearly than I did before.

TIGER: So the scan let us know that you have some more room in your diet for some more calories. Let's talk about that.

MICHELLE: The fact that the scan let me realize that I can take in more calories for my diet is exciting. And also a little nerve-wracking because I've been in a deficit for about three months now and I've kind of gotten used to that amount of food and so the thought of adding another, you know, 300 calories.

That's another meal. So I'm a little bit nervous, but I'm also kind of excited to see how I can recreate some of the meals to maybe be a little bit larger so that I'm just incorporating it as opposed to incorporating a whole other meal. So I'll just add more calories to each meal.

Maybe I'll do a sauce this time, instead of leaving a sauce off because I'm trying to worry about calories, or I'll work a little bit more with olive oils and things like that that are higher in calorie content, but I can utilize that as a way to add to my meal and not necessarily offset the calories too much.

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TIGER: Wonderful. My next question was, what are you going to do differently this next week? And you just already talked about it. It's uncanny. Don't use your psychic powers on me, Michelle!

MICHELLE: It's literally what I was thinking this week though, for real. Because I, I started using more oil, because I think I did feel like I could eat more.

You know, like I was hungry. I was hungrier, and I was eating, but I was still trying to be very conscious of the calories, that's why I was incorporating more raw veggies, because they're lower in calories, and it's still really filling.

TIGER: Any other thoughts about this last week on, your fitness program, and what's coming up this week ahead?

MICHELLE: Yeah. So I do have some thoughts actually. So, I'm getting married on a Tuesday.

I usually work out Monday, Wednesday, Friday. And so I've been thinking about whether I would work out the day after my wedding considering I might not be completely sober. 

So I'm trying to think about that.

The thought popped into my head this morning of like should I just maybe skip that day and maybe do it on Thursday but then I was like no, I think I'm gonna still do it on Wednesday I might just do it later in the day and do just an easier one that I can just kind of like knock out. 

Maybe I'll just do like body weight and that's it, you know, just to get through the workout because I think my body has gotten so used to being on a schedule of doing something every other day basically, that whenever I do skip a day that I'm supposed to be doing that workout, I feel a little off.

I don't know how to describe it really. It's not, I don't know. You know, hindering to me, I can't do anything, but it's just more of like a mental kind of like, wait, I feel like I didn't accomplish something I was supposed to do today, or my body just doesn't feel like it has as much energy, which sounds counterintuitive, but it's really not.

That's what I'm mostly thinking about, how am I going to make sure that I'm still keeping up with my routine, even though I have this really big event coming up?  

TIGER: It makes me very proud that like you're thinking in those terms.

The on-demand training is right there whenever you want it. So it's not like oh, how do I make that nine o'clock session? You're like, you know, when can I work out the next day that makes sense for me? And then you've got it right there and you're like, oh, I'm gonna do an easy one because of course I'm gonna be you know, still a little buzzed and I love that.

I think that's a great way to think about this. It's like you're incorporating all of these little elements of the program into your life, they're becoming a part of your life, a fitness habit.

MICHELLE: Well, that was what I wanted.  I mean obviously, I wanted to gain strength, feel more confident, all that stuff. But I really just wanted to make this a habit, make working out a habit.

And I think that's why I lean more towards the on-demand. Because I've had this event coming up and I've had to start planning for this. And it's just been easier for me to like fit it in when I can.  But the mindset shift of that has probably had the most profound impact, I think.

Because it's no longer like, ugh. I have to work out today. It's like, okay, I don't necessarily want to do this today, but I have to, because I want to, because I know how it's going to make me feel afterward and that's the feeling that I'm going for. That's what I'm chasing, is that feeling of knowing that I can accomplish this and do this and it's not something that I can just write off or be like, ugh, whatever, I'll do it tomorrow and then the next day happens and I'll do it tomorrow.

It's different. It's, no, I want to do this and I'm going to do it. So how can I figure that out?

TIGER: I love that. It's powerful.

MICHELLE: It is. Remember I told you I was so nervous about going from in-person personal training to online personal training?  was one transition. And then the two weeks that I did the online, I did have those thoughts of like, Oh my God, like if I miss this, you know, and then what if I don't have the motivation to do a 5 pm workout?

But then the on-demand came became an option, I was like, oh, this might work.

And it's you training the online sessions, so I feel like I'm working out with you. It doesn't feel like I'm alone or like I'm doing a YouTube video or I'm doing some other things.

And so seeing you on the videos, doing the workouts feels as if I'm working out with you. 

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