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Updated On December 27, 2020

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This just doesn’t make sense…

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good before and after video.

My favorite part is the reveal at the end when you get to see the results of that hard work.

Unfortunately, what was revealed at the end of this video is that these guys are going to be in real trouble on the other side of this experiment.

I’m going to break down each one of the mistakes that these guys make so that you can avoid them.

These guys are going to be in real trouble on the other side of this experiment.

Here we go:

Minute  1:41

Tavis says he’s worried about still having cravings for all of the “awful” stuff at the end of the night.

What’s important to notice here is Tavis believes that he shouldn’t have cravings for delicious food.

Sorry to break it to you T, but if you’re a human you’re always going to crave delicious food.

The trick isn’t to try and eliminate cravings, that’s impossible. Instead you need to have a plan for when craving come up (and they will) until you can minimize them (more on that later).

Minute 1:51 

Adam comes at us with a laundry list of excuses.

Yes, he has a spine issue but unless a doctor has told him specifically NOT to work out, it shouldn’t be a problem in the hands of a good trainer.

AND the time excuse is a non-starter.

Working out gives you time back by providing you more energy and more vitality. Sorry Adam, there’s no valid excuse for not working out consistently.

Minute 2:11

Eli tells us that he’s not going to be doing “any of that”, meaning eating the foods he likes.

“It’s going to be rough” he says.

I can tell just from those last five words alone that Eli’s results will not be sustainable. Poor Eli.

Getting lean and strong, like what Eli is trying to do, requires developing a fitness habit. It’s not something that you can just do for a short time and then you’re done.

Even if Eli reaches his goal, and since his program is “rough” there’s a good chance he won’t, the only way to sustain the results is with a fitness habit.

No habit, no results.

Minute 2:32 

Eli tells us, as he buys bananas, that he told the nutritionist he doesn’t like bananas but they’re on his plan so he has to buy bananas.

“I’m going to have to just scarf this down in agony” he says.

If you ask me, that’s bananas.

If you don’t take away anything else from this blog post, DO NOT EAT ANTHING THAT YOU DON’T LIKE EVER. Sorry for shouting, I just feel strongly about it.

Changing the way you eat is hard enough. If you resent your diet it’s going to be impossible.

DO NOT EAT ANTHING THAT YOU DON’T LIKE EVER. Sorry for shouting, I just feel strongly about it.

Minute 3:17

Tavis gives us a tour of his groceries. Everything on the counter looks suspiciously “clean”.

Clean Eating is a popular diet for trying to get lean. I say trying because in my professional opinion, clean eating does not work.

If I never hear someone say that they are eating “clean” again, it will be too soon.

Eating clean is miserable. Misery is not sustainable. Clean eating doesn’t work.

Please, please, please for the love of everything that you hold dear make sure that everything that you eat is delicious and satisfying. Will you do that for me?

Minute 3:46

Adam shows us the mac and cheese that he’s feeding to his daughter but can’t eat himself.

I know that feeding your kids can be complicated, but that just seems like torture.

It is nearly impossible to resist mac and cheese on your best night, let alone when you’re on a diet.

Don’t torture yourself by having delicious food that you can’t eat around. That’s not a nice way to treat yourself.

Minute 4:25

Again we see Adam surrounded by delicious food that he can’t eat.

Man, it feels like I’m really picking on Adam here but I really just want to help him. I’m really starting to feel for the guy.

Hey Adam, you can have a “cheat” meal without tanking your program.

As a matter of fact the occasional strategic overfeed will actually help by replacing fat burning hormones and relieve the psychic pressure of eating on diet.

That’s why I like to call them “free” meals, cause when they’re a part of your plan it’s not cheating.

As for you Adam, take two FREE MEALS a week and call me in the morning.

Minute 4:32

Eli drools over his roommate’s chicken wings.

Dear Eli, see my advice to Adam above. You’re welcome.


Minute 5:08

Adam cooks a dinner for his family that he cannot eat himself.

If you’re diet is so strict that you can’t cook the same meal for your family AND yourself, it’s WAY too strict. WAY.

Eating to get lean does not have to suck. If it’s not delicious and satisfying you’re doing it wrong.

Minute 5:54

Finds Eli stone sober and miserable at a bar.

Red wine is totally allowed Eli. Again, you’re welcome.

Minute 6:00

Adam forces himself to eat food he does not want to eat.

We’ve talked about this Adam. Don’t do that.


Minute 6:07

Eli tells us that eating the same things everyday is like “watching the same episode of a t.v. show that you don’t really like”.

You definitely don’t have to be eating the same things everyday to get lean, especially if you don’t like it. Yuck Eli. Feeling for you man.

Minute 6:15

Tavis tells us that he expected better results for the 18 whole days he’s put into the program.

You’re hilarious Tavis.

Where did this idea that results should come fast come from? Someone trying to sell you something I’m sure. Let go of your timeline Tavis.

Does it matter how long it takes to get lean as long as you do?

Making changes to your body takes time and, as I already mentioned, sustaining those results requires building a fitness habit and, as I already mentioned, building a fitness habit takes time.

Nuff said? Good.

Getting lean and strong for life requires building a fitness habit and that takes time.

Minute 7:05

Eli game planning his victory when the program is over. Sadly what Eli doesn’t realize is that the program is never really over.

The only way to stay lean and strong for life is to build a fitness habit. Eli, please keep that in mind when you have to do this all over again.

The good news is that he’s celebrating with red wine, which we’ve already established is allowed. There may be hope after all.

Minute 7:09

Tavis celebrates his birthday with the same miserable breakfast that he’s been forcing himself to eat every single day.

Tavis, your birthday is a FREE DAY. The whole day you can eat whatever you want. I thought that was understood.

Also, see my advice to the guys above about not eating food that isn’t delicious and satisfying.

What kind of program do they have you poor guys on. This is almost too rough to watch.

Final Results

So in the end, the guys were very happy with their results.

They all lost weight and they can’t wait to celebrate their victory with beer (minute 9:36) but after I did some quick math I realized that the celebration might be premature.

I was shocked by what I discovered…

Eli lost 19 pounds, which seems impressive until you see that he only lost 2.3% body fat. That means more than half of his weight loss, nearly 11 pounds, was muscle.

Eli’s diet was not only miserable, it cost him almost 11 pounds of fat burning muscle. His metabolism is screwed now.

When he goes back to eating normally after this, he’s going to be in real trouble.

More than half of his weight loss, nearly 11 pounds, was muscle. His metabolism is screwed now.


Adam lost 12 pounds, but 4 1/2 of those pounds were muscle. He’s in the same boat as Eli.


Tavis’ numbers are almost as bad. He lost 18.4 pounds of scale weight but almost 9 pounds of that was muscle. Tragedy.

The real tragedy is that these guys could have been eating a lot more with more freedom AND seen better results.

All 3 of these guys lost significant muscle on this plan.

I am legitimately worried about what’s going to happen to them after this program.

The real tragedy is that these guys could have been eating a lot more with more freedom AND seen better results.

The takeaway here is that getting lean requires building a fitness habit, not a quick fix diet.

It also doesn’t hurt to have a trainer that understands how to make a program enjoyable. 😉

Thanks for taking the time to read this. If you need help building a fitness habit that keeps you lean and strong for life, I’ll be at The Fix Gym.


P.S. Eli, Adam and Tavis; if you see this and you want some help getting lean and strong for life I will train you for free. After what you’ve been through you deserve some good. 🙂

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