If You Want to Be Lean + Strong You're Going to Need 3 Things...


The best fat burning program in the world won't work unless you do it. A successful program must include accountability and support.


Getting Lean + Strong is Very Hard to Do Alone. You're Going to Need Some Help

+ A Proven Step-by-Step Plan, Easy to Follow, Easy to Stick to

+ Know Exactly What to Do

+ Know Exactly How to Do It

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Help Sticking to Your Plan Until You Can Do It On Your Own

 + Stick to your program even when the going gets tough

+ Super-Charge your motivation to keep going

+ Strengthen your willpower and grit

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Working on yourself can be a lonely journey, but it doesn’t have to be.

+ A team of trainers on your side

+ Encouragement every step of the way

+ Help whenever you need it

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Step One

Choose the Right Program for You

Download our Personal Training Programs Price Sheet and choose the right one for you

Step One: Choose Your Program

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Step Two

Schedule Your First Session (it's FREE)

Your First Session is the most important session that you'll have at The Fix Gym. This is the session you will decide if we are the personal training gym for YOU


Step Three

Get Lean + Strong

Love your workouts, enjoy your nutrition program and watch your body get leaner and stronger everyday

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"I went from 28% body fat to 14%!"

-Alexis Schutzer


"I'm in the best shape of my life."

-Nick Wechsler