Success Stories

“By the time shooting started on the second season of Revenge, I had added a ton of muscle to my frame and I was ripped.”

-Gabriel Mann


Alexis Lost 37 Pounds

“I went from 28% to 14% body fat!”
-Alexis Schutzer

"I Lost 37 Pounds" -Alexis Schutzer

“Not only am I in better physical shape than I was before, I am much healthier.”

-Nick Wechsler


Jason Lost 62 Pounds

“My self-esteem is higher and my energy level is a lot higher” -Jason Schutzer

Jason Schutzer lost 62 pounds

“My body is at a level that I didn’t think was possible.”

-Barry Sloane

"My body is at a level that I didn’t think was possible." -Barry Sloane

Al Lost 55 Pounds

“I weigh what I weighed in high school!” -Al LeBrun


“Instead of just building muscle, I’ve built a strength that goes beyond looks.”

-Henry Czerny


“I feel in complete control of my body”

-Connor Paolo

Personal Training Client Connor Paolo

“I leave the workout feeling so satisfied and happy that I devoted time to making myself healthy.”

-Amanda Marshall


“I love the sculpt of my new body!”

-Stacy Trujeque


“I have this amazing feeling of taking my life under control.”

-Sarah Luna