July 1

The Fix Mix Volume 1: BOOM BOOM POW



For your enjoyment, The Fix Mix is proud to present BOOM BOOM POW.

We’ve pulled bangers from around the globe to create a playlist that is not only great to sweat to when you’re working out, but gets the party started whenever you need those high energy beats.

When you’re ready to get hot, just hit play and let the music give you that BOOM BOOM POW.


1. Lebrosk – Bringing the Boom Back!

I’ll bet you thought our July playlist, BOOM BOOM POW, was gonna be all club bangers, but any workout playlist worth the sweat opens with the walk-in song.

At The Fix we believe that the way you enter the gym is just as important as how hard you work out. You gotta walk into the gym like you came to own the workout and to pull that off you need a good walk-in song.

Lebrosk throws down some serious funk and the perfect vibe for getting the workout started.

This track takes us back to the early days of hip hop and rap, but somehow makes it sound as fresh as a track dropped next Friday.

Bring the Boom Back does just that, with a funky vengeance.


2. Harrison – Here Comes The Rush

Harrison’s Here Comes the Rush lives up to it’s name.

This is the warm-up song for our July playlist, BOOM BOOM POW.

When you’re worming up for your workout, you want a track that starts on the softer side but still brings the energy you need to get your motor going.

Here Comes the Rush has the perfect warm-up energy while still keeping the beats coming.

It’s a hard trick to pull off and Here Comes the Rush sticks the landing.


3. Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow (Xquizit Dj X Remix Edit)
Now that we’ve crushed the walk-in and the warm up song, it’s time to rev up the energy.

We open the workout with the track that inspired the title of our July playlist; BOOM BOOM POW.

DJ X takes a Black Eyed Peas track that was already a banger and somehow makes it bang even harder.

Not only does this track get the party started, it sets the tone for the party to come.

A worthier workout starter we could not find.


4. ASOW & John Brisby – Boom Boom Ciao

ASOW & John Brisby keep that boom boom coming.

Opening with a klaxon warning that it is time to get up and dance this track turns the heat up on our summer playlist; Boom Boom Pow.

We dare you not to move to this.


5. ONIPA – Open My Eyes (Mr. Boom Remix)

Just when you needed a moment to catch your breath from the first four tracks on our July playlist, BOOM BOOM POW, ONIPA (with a remix assist by Mr. Boom) slows down the tempo while still managing to keep the heat on.

This track is so infectiously smooth and effervescent that you’ll be spinning it for all of your summer parties.

No need to thank us when you get cool points ’cause friends think you’re on the fresh music tip.


6. Deadmau5 feat. Grabbitz – Let Go (AWAKEND Remix)

No summer playlist would be complete without a jam to sway to with your special person.

The AWAKEND remix of Let Go by Deadmau5 feat. Grabbitz is that hold tight and never let go track that reminds you just how wonderful it is to have a special someone to dance with, even if that special someone is yourself.

7. Avicii feat. Aloe Blacc – S.O.S. (funkjoy Remix)

It is always tragic when an artist passes in their prime, and losing Avicii was no exception.

The beautiful part of being an artist is that their work lives on, even when they’ve moved on to another plane.

When we play S.O.S by Avicii feat. Aloe Blacc (with a remix assist by FunkJoy-Bootlegs) we are celebrating life in all of it’s brief fragility and the art we make in and of our lives.


8. AVAION, Paul Wetz, Nu Aspect & YUMA – Sleepless

Sleepless is ironically titled considering how dreamy the track is.

AVAION, PaulWetz, Nu Aspect, and YUMA manage to create a track that evokes that special sadness that you can only feel on a lonely beach, missing the one you love, in the middle of summer.

If you’ve never felt that feeling, we feel simultaneously happy and sad for you.


9. Crazy Town – Butterfly (Francesco Palla Bootleg Remix)

If you were rocking at the turn of the century, you’ll remember the zeitgeist being obsessed with Y2K, the Clinton impeachment trial, and this track.

Francesco Palla takes this supreme throw back from Crazy Town and makes it his own with a remix that manages to honor the original track while subtly adding a fresh up to date spin on it.

Butterfly, here is a song and it’s sealed with a kiss and a thank you miss.


10. Jax Jones – Lonely Heart

“Whatcha, whatcha gonna do?” is the musical tagline of the supreme Jax Jones and the answer to that question is; get down!

That’s because this track compels you to get up and dance even if your lonely heart breaks while you do it.

If you don’t know Mr. Jones, then may I humbly suggest that you increase your cool points and check out his catalog.

He’s making some of the best music out right now and you deserve some of that dope new new. Don’t you?


11. JANFRY & Strownlex – Counting Stars

The JANFRY and Strownlex cover of OneRepublic’s Counting Stars is one of the few covers that doesn’t make us want to just listen to original.

It is really tough to make someone else’s track sound like your own. J&S not only pull it off, they take complete ownership of the song.

Take a listen and you’ll be asking; who’s OneRepublic?

P.S. That sick beat tho!


12. NOME. – Hard To Love

Just at the point in the playlist when you need the beat to kick back in hard, along comes NOME with Hard to Love.

The bounce on this track is undeniable. I’m listening to this banger as I write this review and let me tell you; it’s hard to type and dance at the same time.

This track may be titles Hard to Love, but it’s anything but.


13. SOMMA x Jem Cooke – Rush

“Can you feel the rush taking over?” Jem Cooke asks as she lends her superlative vocals to Rush by SOMMA.

The answer, of course, is an emphatic yes.

This is one of those rare tracks that layers beautiful vocals over a hard beat and makes it work. What a Rush.


14. Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers (RAKAN Edit)

Before we get into how amazing this track is, let’s take a moment to go over how to pronounce Lykke Li’s name.

It’s forgivable to pronounce her name LEAKY-LEE considering the spelling, however you would be incorrect.

Lykke, the swedish work for happiness, is pronounced LEE-KAY.

Ok, now that we have that out of the way let’s talk about I Follow Rivers. The original version of this track is a stand out on it’s own, but RAKAN adds something special to this track.

It’s a rare and unusual find to come across a remix that somehow manages to make the track sound new. This is one of those.

15. Groove Armada – History (Pólle Bootleg)

There are songs that we have run across that end up in what we call “heavy rotation”.

Basically, that means that they’re played over and over again. Sometimes for days, sometimes for weeks.

History by Groove Armada is one of those tracks.

The original version had already been played hundred of times when this remix from Pólle came along and started the obsession all over again.

16. Umami – Ghostnote (DAVI Remix)

Umami is oft misunderstood flavor.

Some believe that is it the combination of all the other flavors together, but it’s not.

It is a flavor in its own right and when you develop the palate to recognize it, it immediately becomes your favorite.

Ghostnote the track by Umami is just like that.


17. Tears for Fears – Sowing the Seeds (FSO Remix)

It is hard to remix a beloved song like Sowing the Seeds by the legendary duo Tear for Fears.

FSO not only manages to remix this track successfully, they find a way to make it sound like a brand new track without losing the charm of the original.

That is really tough to do which makes this track all the more remarkable.

If you are a fan of the original, check out this track and fall in love with it all over again.


18. Lipless – Paradox

A good playlist doesn’t just hit you over the head with the same tempo over and over again. It leads you through a journey of ups and downs, hard turns out of nowhere, and subtle surprises.

As we near the end of our July playlist, BOOM BOOM POW, it’s time to start making a smooth transition out of it.

You don’t want to just drop the beat and then drop the beat, know what I mean?

Enter Paradox by Lipless.

It has just the right blend of dreamy vocals and just enough beat to bring the energy down without killing the vibe.


19. Shui – good for you

Keeping with our smooth fade out of our July playlist, BOOM BOOM POW, we continue to mellow the vibe out with Good for You by Shui.

“I just want to be good to you” he sings over an infectious beat with just the right amount of funk on it.

Well, Shiu, if that was your intention, you have accomplished your goal.


20. Daft Punk – Get Lucky (Laurent Schark Remix)

While it’s important to make a smooth transition out of a playlist, especially one as banger heavy as BOOM BOOM POW, you also want to leave the listener on a high note and hopefully wanting to listen to the whole thing all over again.

What better way to accomplish both of those goals then with a Daft Punk track?

Not only are they one of the best duos in music history, but sadly their journey has come to an end just like this playlist.

The Laurent Schark remix of Get Lucky is just the right amount of beat and vibe to end this playlist on a high note.

Tiger Ford

About the author

Tiger Ford is a Master Personal Trainer and nutrition coach with over 10,000 hours of experience helping people just like you develop a fitness habit to stay lean and strong for life.

For a one-on-one consultation with Tiger please call 800-428-3496.

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